From elegant, dreamy piano melodies drenched in reverb, to harsh, building chord stabs, piano progressions are incredibly common in most genres of music. These plugins are meticulously sampled from real pianos, with each key sampled at a range of velocities. However, many of these piano VST plugins come with a fairly high price tag.

When I first started producing music, I remember downloading some terrible, clumsy piano plugins just because they were free, not knowing what else was out there. There are some spectacular-sounding free VST piano plugins out there. This plugin is sampled directly from the piano, creating a true, rich sound at every velocity.

Click here for a FREE download. Versilian is a virtual instrument development company who develop a wide range of orchestral, acoustic virtual instrument plugins. The VS Upright No. It features 3 velocity layers with 2 RR; sampled in tri-tones with a pair of wide, close mics.

It also has sampled decays up to 30 seconds. Room Piano is a lightweight piano plugin for musicians who are looking to experiment by adding a lo-fi touch to their piano sounds.

Based on a Kawai Upright acoustic piano, this plugin comes with on-board lo-fi and modulation effects to create dusty, mellow piano sounds. There are a fairly low amount of features available in this plugin, but the quality is very bright and clean, especially for a free plugin.

The plugin features four sampled notes per octave and six velocity layers per note. You can adjust the attack and release time, tremolo intensity and speed, global volume and key release volume, as well as the built-in low-pass filter and reverb effects. Spitfire Audio are a London-based wal chitra katha downlod with a eclectic, funky range of keys, strings and other sound libraries. Some of their products are extremely high end and therefore very expensive.

It sounds smooth, dreamy and completely authentic. The download process is a little long winded, requiring an app download which you then download the piano or string sounds within the app. But this is a small inconvenience for such a beautifully sampled plugin. This free VST piano is a fantastic, fully featured virtual instrument that provides fantastic realism and sound quality.

It also has a seperate control for adding complementary strings and pads on top of the piano sound.The internet is infested with thousands of piano VSTs. Some of them cost a dime a dozen whilst others are free and just as good. But, finding these free piano VST plugins is a tedious task, so to speak. After all, you have to sift through hundreds of dicey knock-offs and undergo lots of trial and error. But, since each piano has its own timbre which can make or break the way it sounds, it is prudent to choose piano VSTs accordingly.

There are two types of Piano VST plugins: synth or sample based. Both have their own benefits and downsides. While synth based piano VSTs are more customizable and tend to have a smaller file size, they often sound less realistic. On the contrary, sample based piano VSTs replicate the sounds of expensive analogue instruments and sound realistic and high quality.

But, they require a software sampler to run. Thus, it makes complete sense to choose a piano VST that suits your production style for optimal results. They will definitely add a touch to your sound arsenal. With a penchant for emulating eclectic sounds from Steinway grand piano, Yamaha grand piano, basic electric piano, and Rhodes, KeyZone Classic is a nifty sample based VST in a league of its own. Out of all its presets, the Steinway Grand sounds incredibly good and stands at par with many commercial instruments and gigabyte-sized sample libraries out there.

You can also fiddle with attack, decay, sustain, and other settings. Wanna replicate the legendary grand piano sound?

Say no more for AkoustiK KeyZ has got you covered. Simply choose from over three different pianos and quickly proceed to adjust the reverb, flanger, envelope, and filter according to your needs. Also, the workflow is pretty smooth thanks to a very simple GUI that is easy to pick up and use. If you are seeking a phenomenal piano VST with a unique sound that cuts through the mix easily, look no further than Salamander Piano that suits a ton of eclectic genres.

It also features settings such as attack, decay, and sustain that can further embellish or sculpt the sounds you are looking for. Better still, Salamander Piano is easy on the CPU, and its interface makes you feel at home if you play piano.

upright piano vst

One of the most simple and easy-to-use free piano VST plugins on our list, Skerratt London Piano features only 6 core settings for attack, sustain, release, decay, volume and pan ability. Relatively lightweight, this free VST should run smoothly on most computers without any hassles.

With a firm fixation on the massive Baldwin baby grand piano sound, City Piano works like a charm on both Windows and Mac OS and features core settings such as attack, sustain, decay, volume and panning. All together, if your tracks demand a Baldwin baby grand piano sound specifically, then City Piano makes for a great pickup to get started with. A truly plug-n-play VST to the brim, 4Front Piano offers a single piano module and no user controlled settings.

It is extremely lightweight and easy on the CPU and is capable of producing a realistic, natural piano sound.

The timbre on 4Front Piano emulates an upright home piano forged via a hybrid process of sampling and synthesis. Also, the graphical interface has a digital feel to it much on the lines of an electronic piano or MIDI keyboard. Get on it! Not to mention, Iowa Grand piano is very simple to use and a fabulous accompaniment for live performances. For further tweakage, you can also fiddle with attack, decay, sustain, release, volume and pan knobs.

Designed on the lines of a lightweight sketching piano, the VS Upright No. Emulating the sound of the classic Yamaha C7 concert grand, Piano One is a true workhorse that can satiate the sonic needs of producers via realistic sample sounds. We are talking about Japan Piano, which acts like a sustain pedal when adjusted and comes with a basic grand piano sample. It emulates the sound of an upright baby grand piano out of the box.It is based on a set of piano samples recorded by Rudi Fiasco.

The plugin features four sampled notes per octave and six velocity layers per note. The user can adjust the attack and release time, tremolo intensity and speed, global volume and key release volume, as well as the built-in low-pass filter and reverb effects. Rudi Fiasco is an Italian pianist and audio engineer. Visit his website to download the free piano samples that were used to create Upright Piano.

upright piano vst

You can use the software provided on this page free of charge, in both free and commercial audio and video projects. You may not re-distribute this software without our written permission for that and any other queries, you can reach us here. Upright Piano by 99Sounds. Thank you! SnareBuzz is an audio plugin that simulates the sympathetic resonance produced by the wires of a snare…. To get you…. Posted in Free Plugins News.

License You can use the software provided on this page free of charge, in both free and commercial audio and video projects. NoiseAsh Action Tremolo v1.

Related Post. Read more. Wavesfactory Snarebuzz v2. Sound Content v4. Start typing and press Enter to search. Shopping Cart. No products in the cart. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.This article is about free piano VST plugins.

We truly live in the golden age of audio production, as there have never been more accessible or realistic virtual piano plugins. There are a variety of options modeling acoustic and electric pianos on this list, each with distinct features.

Some are plain virtual piano instruments, and some offer a host of sounds and features. Here is a list of the best free piano VSTs. The cool thing about the Upright Piano instrument is that it can sound both realistic and lo-fi. The built-in filter, tremolo, and reverb effects can be combined to create a lovely tape-like vibe. However, when used as-is, the instrument sounds very realistic thanks to the excellent source samples provided by Rudi Fiasco.

Upright Piano also features key release samples and envelope controls for adjusting the attack and release time. If you need a versatile free piano VST that is easy to use, this offering from 99Sounds is well worth looking into. More info: Upright Piano. Upright No. The articulation of your playing will really translate — and if you have a good enough MIDI controller, it can be almost as realistic as the real thing. The plug-in comes with onboard volume, panning, and reverb controls, and also offers direct control over the ADSR curve of the envelope with individual knobs.

More info: Upright No. Two sliders control the expression and attack, and there is a singular knob to control the amount of reverb. This is another plugin that is great for music production as well as sound design. Included in the library are sustain pedal up and down samples for even more dynamic variation. Not all virtual instruments need to offer the most extensive feature set, and 4Front Piano is about a minimalist as they get. The sound is naturally pretty bright like you imagine a parlor piano would be.

This allows 4Front Piano to cut through a mix but it might be a little too bright for solo piano parts. While the instrument might not offer much at all in terms of customization or visualization, it is a good free piano VST plugin that takes up virtually no resources.

It runs on a mix of sampling and synthesizing technology to make a convincing hybrid virtual instrument. More info: 4Front Piano. DPiano-A is based on MDA Piano, an old freeware plugin that seemingly has no visualization other than a few control settings.The tone, timbre and depth of a well-tempered acoustic piano has perhaps the widest expressive range of any instrument this side of a complete orchestra. Encapsulating the magic in digital audio samples, combined with a compelling way to play back these samples with grace and subtlety is something of a holy grail for plugin developers and VST users alike.

Is that even possible in a you-get-what-you-pay-for world? True, much of these costs have to do with the mechanics of building or replicating piano keys, something many VST users forego in the name of convenience and affordability. What it really comes down to is the sound for studio or bedroom producers. First, Keyzone Classic covers the gamut, albeit in a simple and straightforward manner.

The Steinway Grand Piano patch competes with expensive piano plugins and even the onboard sounds of some hardware digital pianos. If you record lots of solo piano, this may be the one. The simple interface is up to the task and offers features that hardcore pianists may never use, but habitual tone tweakers will eat right up.

LFO on a Steinway? It can happen! But as for high quality, mainstream piano, Keyzone Classic is our pick for Best of the Best. Literally, from the University of Iowacomes the Iowa Piano. In the early days of digital sampling, file sizes were a much bigger limitation than they are now, but reasonable size still has plenty of advantages.

The sound? These are warm and convincing across most of the keyboard, but there are some quirks with panning and mono versus stereo on some notes. Perhaps best suited for ensemble recordings, performance and practice, the Iowa Piano is nonetheless a great sounding contender. The tonal difference between grand and upright pianos is pronounced. You can play the same music on each instrument, though sometimes these differences invite varied interpretations.

Like many piano VSTs, the Versilian uses round-robinstwo in this case.

Free Upright Piano VST Instrument Released by 99Sounds

Simply, this a programming feature intended to add realism by using samples with slight differences for each note, as well as velocity differences. Spitfire Audio offers up the Soft Piano, an instrument with strips of felt placed between the hammers and strings.

A specialty piano VST. Also from Spitfire Audio, the Electric Piano similarly fills a niche. Even its brightest modes have a certain warmth to them. With eight sounds included in the stock package, there are also plenty of user preset storage spots. With the ability to alter tuning parameters, stereo width, velocity and more.

With three piano grand typesAkoustiK KeyZ offers similar sound modification available from most of the other plugins, save for the minimal interfaces used by Spitfire Audio. Different choices for different voices. Piano One is further crippled by the removal of some advanced sound shaping capabilities of the commercial version, and less sample data than its big brothers. What remains, though, is a solid sounding concert piano.VS Upright 1 is a clean sampling of an upright pianothe standard of homes, small clubs and studios around the world.

With a broad dynamic range and a bright, clear tone, the upright can still display a soft side when needed. Full decays of up to 30 seconds recorded. Recorded stereo from up close and personal for most realism.

Win 32 VST. Win 64 VST.

Free Piano VST Plugins

Mac AU. Derrik H. Submit new comment May 29 The sound is incredible, the best piano, but have a problem with the time, so I compose something and I listen other thing, a very little different music interpretation time.

In the other hand, the sound is really the best. So, is good enough for use, but need a very little calibrate for have the perfection. Anywhere, is just better than almost any plugin that cost much mnoney. I really like the warm and natural sound of this piano but sadly I find it unplayable because of its sluggish response! Playing it, it feels similar to when you set the latency of your audio interface too high. Also, the jumps between velocite layers are very noticeable. Versilian Studios Dec 15 There's a "secret" remastered version of Upright No.

What the fuck are you all about? Is it just me, or does this piano Is there any way to solve it? It's like it doesnt work in fl 9. Has clicks n stuff, and on some keys you can hear people breathing in the background, it sounds ok. I can't seem to get it to load in FL Studio What am I doing wrong? Versilian Studios Dec 25 You must include the. Just copy and paste them both in together! Love this vst! It sounds a lot like the piano Bob Dylan used in his early recordings!Pianos are one of the most amazing musical instruments in the world, but they're also one of the most expensive.

Fortunately, thanks to technology, it's now possible for musicians to use a piano without actually needing to purchase one. There's no piano hardware involved and the sound is generated digitally through the software. This plugin is usually standalone but can also be hosted in a DAW. The piano VST can provide a great addition to your music and will sound just like a piano.

It's a simple, convenient, and economical solution to creating piano compositions in your studio. Here are some of the top piano VSTs you can buy online. Check Amazon Price. Check Sweetwater Price. Some of the world's most gifted engineers recorded this famous instrument using the best quality microphones available to create this virtual piano for musicians everywhere.

It has three discrete perspectives that sound as real as the Studio One piano.

upright piano vst

It's definitely worth every penny because it's unlike most of the VSTs you'll come across. The quality is amazing. Use it with a high-quality 88 key MIDI keyboard and you'll be able to produce the best piano tracks for your songs.

It works great on an SSD, especially when using the mic perspective. If you're looking to give your creativity a major boost, this piano VST is exactly what you need. It truly feels as if you're sitting in the studio at the piano.

The clarity and overall sound quality of the instrument live on through the virtual sound. You can imagine how many music legends must have used this very same piano in their compositions at Abbey Road. This VST is used by professionals everywhere, so you can bet it has some of the best quality sounds around.

The Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 has a whopping 10, sounds to explore and play. The new version, 2. The new arpeggiator and new effects provide you with loads of options for all of your creative needs. The best thing about this particular VST is that you can put your own audio content through the Omnisphere, giving you even more possibilities for creating original sounds. The genres you can play with this VST are diverse and the complexity of the sound is superlative.

You're in charge of the sound design which makes it ideal for professional studio use. There new 8 filter types and new modulation features which make it all the more special. It's pricey software, but you get what you pay for: quality sounds, effects for days, filters, and so many other features, to give your sound that extra special feel. It's by far the most professional-friendly VST you can use for your music.

You know you're getting your hands on some truly beautiful software when you see the Garritan name. This particular software offers all the different sounds you'd hear in an orchestra. Low octave rumblings, wild overlays, chord clusters, slivery choirs, harps, and much more all included in one virtual studio.

It also includes the ARIA instrument player, which makes it a fantastic value. This VST is possibly the easiest way to orchestrate without having to call upon many instruments and players. It's carefully designed to resemble the complex mix of orchestral instruments, so most of your job is already done. You know those orchestral effects we hear in the movies?