For a long time, Taurus, as a brand was known to make the best revolvers. The company then went on to reproduce the classics before they expanded their business to start making unique pistols. Their awesome handguns have been the talk of town for a while now. From the line of the best pistolthe Taurus slim pistol is one of them. We will get to learn more what to expect when it comes to using this handgun.

If you are a gun enthusiast, then it is not the first time you are hearing about the Taurus brand.

Taurus Handguns For Sale

It has been around for years and always creating some of the best firearms. The Taurus 9mm handgun is just impressive.

Comparing it to other concealed carry weapons available on the market, you always find that it has something more to offer. The best thing that seems to appeal to most people should be its capacity. The handgun can hold up to 7 plus 1 in the chamber.

Having an overall length of 6 inches is great for many users. They will always find it easy to use this type of handgun as a concealed carry. The construction by using simple materials also helps with its weight. You always end up with a pistol that is lightweight, but yet strong so that you can have an easy time using it.

How about the price? Someone somewhere would be majorly be concerned about the price. One thing is for sure, you will not have to break the bank to own this gun. It is easily affordable so that people can always have access to it.

The affordable price is among the reasons it is a popular gun today. Like any other pistol, the build type is always going to be important to the user. The first thing you should note will be the size of the pistol. Thanks to its small size, you will get many people using it as a concealed carry weapon. Taurus over the years has been producing some of the best CCW pistols that we all love. The model still follows this trend. The model comes with a slim and compact frame.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. There are some significant differences of course, so choosing between the Taurus PT11 G2 vs. Granted, they have a lot in common. Both are poly-frame striker guns. Both are compact enough for easy concealment.

Both are offered in 9x19mm or. The Taurus, however, is a double-stack; the Shield contains only one row of bullets. There are other differences, of course, but which is the better gun to get for the concealed carrier on a budget?

Depends on what you're looking for in a carry gun and, as always, which one you end up liking more. Get out there and handle them!

Not "considering;" they say it's as good, full-stop. It's the same pistol, but Taurus's locking feature the Hillary holes have been removed. Other than that, same gun, and with all the same features and so on. What, though, does the PT Millennium G2 bring to the table? A whole lot of features without asking much in price. First, the magazine holds 12 of 9x19mm or 10 of.

That aside, it still straddles the line between compact and sub-compact. Said magazines have a pinky extension base pad, so shooters with larger hands can easily get a grip. The G2 stands 5. Weight is 22 ounces unloaded.

taurus th9 compact vs g2c

Standard features include thumb and finger rest dimples on the frame, a "melted" slide for easy drawing, 3-dot sights and a small accessory rail.

Controls include a swappable magazine release so lefties can get it on their preferred side, a slide release and a manual safety for those who wish to use one. The takedown levers are Glock-style tabs on both sides of the frame.

When first cocked, the trigger has about a 1-pound pull until the last quarter inch, at which point it takes about 6 pounds to break. However, a dud round puts it into "double action" mode, at which point it's a constant 6 pound pull for the entire length of pull.

Thus, second-strike capability. Kind of cool, huh? However, there are no changeable backstraps - you get the grip and stipling it comes with. Then again, neither does the Shield. Take advantage of our day Test Drive. While a bit smaller, it's not by much; about a half-inch short, about 0. It is, however, 3 ounces lighter. Granted, these differences aren't huge, but might make a difference on you.

The base model Shield also has white 3-dots, but where the Shield and the G2 differ is the options. The Shield can also get a number of factory upgrades such as night sights, FDE finish on the frame, Crimson Trace lasers and Performance Center tuning. If you want any improvements to the Taurus, it's aftermarket or bust; the only factory upgrade is a stainless slide. Some shooters will find they can only use the larger of the two. That said, the Shield also commands more in sticker.Taurus pistols have taken the scene by storm over the past few years.

The Taurus G2C is one of the most recent models to hit the market when it was introduced in Furthermore, the G2C itself has been considered one of the best pistols for the use of self-defense situations.

The pistol is a single action with re-strike capabilities. It is for this reason that it has become a favorite not only by civilians but also by those who are in law enforcement and the military. The PT is the older model between the two.

The PT was unveiled in as part of Taurus' Millenium series. This pistol is mostly chambered to handle 9mm shots. The capacity for an average pistol is right around 12 rounds. Some have even compared it as the kind of pistol that would be more of a Glock-style pistol than anything else.

One of the best features that make it stand out is that it has a double-stacked magazine that contains rounds. Even better, this is considered to be one of the more affordable pistols between the two.

This has the ability to be a double-action force to be reckoned with. It also has a short amount of recoil, making it a pistol that can really pack a punch in most applications. But like the G2C, the PT is also made from high-quality materials and will have the ability to take on the high-pressure situations that most people will face if they are in law enforcement.

Even civilians consider the PT as another reliable pistol for the purpose of self-defense. Who knows? You might find that one of these Taurus pistols will definitely work to your advantage in your desired application. There are some similarities that both the G2C and PT have. While they are different in some ways, they are the same in some aspects.

Here are some of the most noticeable similarities that you will find with both pistols:. Both the G2C and PT have a magazine capacity of 12 rounds plus 1. These are quite standard for Taurus pistols. Some will be satisfied with more rounds and some with less. Both the G2C and the PT are chambered to fire off 9mm caliber rounds. Since they are both compact pistols, these are the only rounds that they can handle. In fact, 9mm calibers are among the most popular choices for those who are more of the concealed carry type than any other caliber on the market.

Both pistols possess a trigger-style known as a striker-fired trigger. In a striker-fired pistol, what happens is that the pistol is fired by an internal striker. Every time you pull the trigger, the striker itself will move forward and hit the primer. The only way you can de-cock this kind of pistol is simply by pulling the trigger. The trigger pull itself is actually identical to each other. But you need to know how each one is different than the other so you know which one will fit you best in terms of size, functions, and characteristics.The world of firearms is filled with many options.

Taurus G2c vs. Taurus PT111 – Comparison Review [2020]

Sometimes you are just spoilt for choice as there is so much to choose from. The worst is when you are presented with two firearms that almost work the same. Choosing between these two is going to be tough. This is especially those that have no idea about using the handguns.

Both handguns come with a poly-frame with other features looking the same. They are also compact making them easy for concealing. To help you make a decision there is the need to compare them side by side.

Get to learn more about Taurus PT G2 vs. Starting with the PT model, you will find that it looks compact.

taurus th9 compact vs g2c

This should make it great for fitting in the hand. Those with large or small hands can feel that this type of firearm is great. Even if it is made of polymer material, the overall finish is a sturdy one. When you slide the magazine into the weapon, it clicks the moment you get it into position. The release also works fine for you to easily access the magazine if need be. With this one, you will find that it has undergone some shrinking. May be it was because the manufacturer wanted it to be good for concealed carry.

It comes with a good texture on the grip important for you to control it. For sure it feels great when you have it in your hand. The finish also makes it last for a long time without necessarily chipping. You can now take it out in the harsh conditions without worries. Once you get the handgun, what comes to mind is to test for its reliability.

Any handgun is supposed to satisfy the user of proper performance. The G2 is good when it comes to the shooting range. It will always shoot at the target without hiccups. Most people would fire up to rounds in the first use of the handgun. You might not have to clean it after the first run as the gun can still fire with ease.Committed to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and value, Taurus delivers handguns that are well-suited for concealed carry, competitive and recreational sports, hunting, and home defense.

taurus th9 compact vs g2c

We offer a large selection of new and used Taurus handguns for sale, with price points for nearly every budget. Taurus produced their first revolver inand inbegan exporting revolvers into the U. What resulted was the creation of the renowned PT and PT, among other jewels.

Soon after that, inTaurus delivered an industry first by offering an unqualified lifetime repair policy. Although other companies have since matched the policy, it has never been exceeded.

Taurus Holdings, Inc. Taurus currently manufactures more than three dozen models of revolvers and pistols with numerous variants of each model available. A popular revolver made by Taurus, the Judge is capable of accepting five rounds of 45 LC or bore shells. First introduced more than a decade ago, this game-changing revolver remains just as popular today as it was when it first rolled off the line.

A powerful revolver built on a large frame, the Raging Bull is available in several variants and delivers five rounds of Casull or six rounds of 44 Magnum. The is built to exacting tolerances. Ideal for concealed carry, it is a versatile revolver that delivers both speed and accuracy.

Manufactured in several variants, the Taurus is a feature-rich, rock-solid, semi-automatic handgun chambered in 45 ACP with an 8-round capacity. It is crafted with a hammer-forged steel frame, slide and barrel, and hand-assembled in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Taurus Spectrum is a sub-compact, semi-automatic handgun chambered in ACP with a 7-round capacity. Made for everyday carry, it sports soft-touch grip panels, and delivers comfort and control in a fashionable and functional package.

Features of the Spectrum include a 2. The Spectrum is available in an array of color combinations to suit any taste. Well-equipped and reliable, the TH40 is built on a polymer frame and features Novak adjustable sights, manual safety, loaded chamber indicator, and finger grooves for added comfort and control. The full-size models also offer interchangeable backstraps. Engineered for everyday carry, the Taurus G2C is compact semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm with a round or round capacity, depending on the model.

It is built on a polymer frame, offers an ergonomic yet rugged design, and is available in stainless, matte black, and an array of other colors. Features of the G2C include adjustable rear sights, manual safety, and a loaded chamber indicator.

The Taurus TX22 is a semi-automatic handgun chambered in 22 LR with a round or round capacity, depending on the model. Built on a full-size frame, this pistol delivers out of the box accuracy and reliability with the feel of a custom-tuned competition pistol. Features of the TX22 include a smooth pull, adjustable sights, ergonomic grip, and trigger safety. By the box or in bulk, we offer affordable ammunition from the top brands, including Winchester, Federal, Magtech, Speer, Hornady, and others.

Browse our optics inventory to quickly and easily upgrade your Taurus handgun. Choose from a large selection of dot sizes and magnification. Another way to save money is to purchase a used Taurus handgun. Buy with confidence, knowing our gun experts have carefully inspected each of our previously owned handguns.

Our used firearms also come backed with a guarantee and generous return policy. Brazilian handgun maker Taurus announced this week that their newest Raging Hunter installment, chambered in.

Taurus is building on their successful G2c series platform by adding a new full-sized polymer-frame striker-fired pistol: the G3. Brazilan gunmaker Taurus this week announced they are adding two new models to their long-running PT pistol line, complete with walnut grips.

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But how do we get there? UPC barcode scanner for guns and ammo. Compare ammunition prices, firearm prices and accessories. Skip to main content Skip to search. Catalog for Taurus 1, deals total. Filter Catalog for Taurus. Close Reset. Taurus Raging Hunter.

Taurus PT111 G2 vs. S&W Shield – Which Is Best For Budget CCW?

The Taurus Raging Hunter is a 44 Magnum, 6-shot revolver. Its striking blue finish is enough to grab the attention of any big-bore aficionado, but the optics-ready Picatinny rail and angular barrel design will seal the deal. The unique barrel system incorporates a steel sleeve that is inserted into an aluminum housing that cuts down on the overall weight, making this a well-balanced hunting sidearm. The exclusive cushioned insert grips on the Raging Series large frame revolvers makes shooting them comfortable and controllable.

The comes in a Matte Blue finish. Known for its easily managed recoil impulse, the. Kentucky Gun Co Compare prices for this product This features a matte stainless finish. Taurus TX Palmetto State Armory Compare prices for this product Originally closely adhering to the design of the Beretta 92 Taurus has tweaked the design to its own desires over the years.

The Taurus 92 features an open slide design and round double stack magazine ambidextrous safety as well as Taurus loaded chamber indicator and the key operated Taurus Security System. Also aiding in recoil management is the unique placement of the factory-tuned porting and gas expansion chamber that is designed to disperse gases directionally-reducing muzzle lift and delivering quicker target acquisition.

This built-to-last revolver is a fun and effective alternative for short to medium range hunting scenarios. Taurus 45 ACP 4. The Taurus Model allows you to cross carry a pistol and a revolver and tote only one caliber of ammunition. Model uses the Taurus stellar clip to hold 5 rounds.

Additional features include Taurus rubber grips, fixed front and rear sights. RKGuns Compare prices for this product Gunprime Compare prices for this product Taurus M85 Revolver. Lightweight for all-day carry Compact for discreet carry Backed by a lifetime repair warranty Item: IK Cabela's Compare prices for this product Sportsmans Outdoor SS Compare prices for this product In response to consumer demand, Taurus steps boldly into the full-frame striker-fired segment with the all-new G3 semi-auto 9mm pistol.Taurus, a company frequently known for its insanely powerful Judge and unbelievably affordable G2c, has honest-to-goodness delivered a dirt-cheap option for those who like to carry concealed with a hammer-fired firearm.

That brings me to the very first thing I noticed about this firearm, aesthetics notwithstanding:. It packs a 3.

He was willing to give it a try and ensure the fault truly lay with me. Those three outliers were him dialing it in, and the rest was bang-on.

It was nice to see that the firearm could function like it was supposed to, but then it was back to work trying to figure out just what the hell I was doing wrong. That upward angle might be a hair exaggerated relative to what I did downrange, but not by much. Lifting that front sight far beyond what I normally do, even with other Taurus models, made an enormous difference.

Two groups. The second group was high, mostly because I was so excited I was making progress that I aimed even higher, and the group became something much more close to what I like to see.

It ended up making for a pretty nice day at the range. Taurus has suffered a far less-than-sterling reputation for its semiautomatic firearms in the past. Despite having a perfectly serviceable model for quite some time, Taurus was known for value-level revolvers, inexpensive options for your. Not too long ago, the now-famous Taurus Judge made a splash as well — also a revolver, and one I adore.

If Taurus continues in the trend that it set for itself with this and the G2c, their reputation challenges will be a thing that Twitter troll historians remember with a sense of awe. Connect with us. Falkenberg is a veteran writer and active voice in the gun community. He is passionate about not only ensuring that American citizens know their rights, but why they have those rights and what a gift it is to be in a country that acknowledges their God-given freedoms. View all posts by John Falkenberg.

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