WPF datagrid. Its rich feature set includes functionalities like data binding, editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, and exporting to Excel and PDF file formats. It has also been optimized for working with millions of records, as well as handling high-frequency real-time updates. Sort data against one or more columns with multiple customization operations.

You can also sort by caption summary values when the grid is grouped, or by writing custom logic. Group data by one or more columns either through mouse and touch interactivity in the group drop area or in code behind. Or group data with custom logic.

syncfusion grid date

Calculate and display sum, min, max, average, count, and custom aggregates in a table or group. Calculate summaries for selected records. Display summaries with different summary types, such as:. The WPF DataGrid control can handle high-frequency updates even under the most demanding scenarios where the data is sorted and grouped in real-time. The summaries are calculated in an optimized way and the updated summary is displayed in real-time scenarios. Add a new record in an underlying collection with a built-in row.

Place the added new row at the top or bottom, or stick it at the top. Delete selected records in a datagrid by pressing the Delete key. You can change it to another key instead of the default, too. Users can adjust auto fit the row height based on the content of any column or certain columns to enhance the readability of content. Users can freeze rows and columns at the top, bottom, left, and right positions, similar to Excel.

Horizontal and vertical scrolling can be performed, except on fixed columns and rows. Display additional columns that are not bound to data. The control supports an expression to calculate values among columns. Dynamically merge data in adjacent cells and present that data in a single cell. Merge data based on content by writing your own custom logic.

Stacked headers column header span allow users to show unbound header rows. They span the stacked header columns across multiple rows and columns. Column width can be adjusted auto captcha image not showing in chrome based on the content of any column or column header.

All the columns can be fit within the viewport of the datagrid. A master-details view nested grid view can be represented through nested grids that can be expanded and collapsed. Functionalities like editing, sorting, filtering, and grouping are supported. Unlimited levels of nested grid relationships are allowed. Display the additional information of a row using a template. View the record template by expanding and collapsing the record as required.

Create records on demand by automatically enabling data virtualization. Load millions of records of data instantly with virtualization enabled. Load data while horizontally scrolling on-demand data loading. Manipulate data using the SfDataPager control to view records in multiple pages. SfDataPager also supports on-demand loading of data. The appearance of a datagrid and its inner elements, such as rows, cells, columns, headers, and summary rows, can be customized easily by using styles and templates.

The WPF DataGrid control provides an entirely custom context menu to expose the functionality on the user interface. Users can create context menus for different rows such as record row, summary row, and group caption header in an efficient manner.This section provides a quick overview for working with the SfDataGrid for Xamarin. Walk through the entire process of creating a real world of this control.

How to configure package source and install Syncfusion NuGet packages in an existing project? Syncfusion Xamarin components are available in nuget. SfDataGridand then install it. Syncfusion also provides Xamarin Toolbox. It will automatically install the required NuGet packages and add the namespace to the page. To install Syncfusion Xamarin Toolbox, refer to Toolbox. If you prefer to manually reference the assemblies instead referencing from NuGet, add the following assemblies in respective projects.

Starting with v This initialization step varies from platform to platform and is discussed in the following sections:. The Android launches the SfDataGrid without any initialization and is enough to only initialize the Xamarin. Forms Framework to launch the application. Forms Framework initialization and before the LoadApplication is called as demonstrated in the following code example:.

Forms framework initialization and before the LoadApplication method is called as demonstrated in the following code sample:. Init in the MainPage constructor before the LoadApplication is called as demonstrated in the following code example. Init in the MainWindow constructor before the LoadApplication is called as demonstrated in the following code example.

The known Framework issue in UWP platform is the custom controls will not render when deployed the application in Release Mode or. Net Native compilation. It can be resolved by initializing the SfDataGrid assemblies in App.

This section explains how to create a SfDataGrid and configure it. You can download the complete project of this demo from GitHub. In this walk through, a new application can be created that contains the SfDataGrid which includes the following topics:. Create a new BlankApp Xamarin. Add the required assembly references to the pcl and renderer projects as discussed in the Assembly deployment section. The SfDataGrid is a data-bound control.

Hence, a data model should be created to bind it to the control.

Getting Started with Xamarin DataGrid (SfDataGrid)

Create a simple data source as shown in the following code example in a new class file. If you want your data model to respond to property changes, implement INotifyPropertyChanged interface in your model class. The following code example binds the collection created in previous step to SfDataGrid. ItemsSource property. By default, the SfDataGrid automatically creates columns for all the properties in the data source.

The type of the column generated depends on the type of data in the column. When the columns are auto-generated, handle the SfDataGrid. AutoGeneratingColumn event to customize or cancel the columns before they are added to the columns collection in the SfDataGrid.

It can be done from both XAML and code. The following code example illustrates this:.The ASP. Its wide range of functionalities includes data binding, editing, Excel-like filtering, custom sorting, aggregating rows, data-annotation, selection, and support for Excel, CSV, and PDF formats. It uses the data manager to handle data and supports customizing data requests and processing. User-friendly touch gestures and an interactive UI design on Data Grid help produce the best user experience.

All Data Grid features work on touch devices with zero configuration. Data Grid is a mobile-first approach control. Its responsive user interface adapts automatically to any device and provides the best user experience to interact with the control. In addition, it has an option to hide specific columns for particular screen sizes using column-based media query support.

Its optimized design provides the best UI interaction in different devices.

CRUD Using Blazor And Entity Framework Core in bxm.vasdarangelab.pw Core

In addition to built-in editor controls to edit a particular column value, using template support users can create custom editor controls that suit their application needs. It performs editing operations with JavaScript array collection or remote data service with the help of data manager. Aggregates for column values can be easily displayed using the aggregate feature. Aggregates can be customized to show their value in individual summary rows, individual group summary rows, or in group caption rows.

Filtering helps view particular or related records in the Data Grid, which meet a given filtering criteria. It supports various filter types that include powerful Excel-like filter.

The Data Grid filter allows users to choose appropriate filter type, define their own custom filtering logic, and customize the filtering UI based on their application needs.

It also has an option to filter diacritic characters in Data Grid. Simplify theme customization either by overriding the existing SASS styling or creating custom themes by using the Theme Studio application.

Users can also programmatically customize the exported document. Allows users to print data either by using the print option from the toolbar or programmatically. Print all the rows of a Data Grid regardless of the number of pages it has.The column definitions are used as the dataSource schema in the Grid.

This plays a vital role in rendering column values in the required format. The grid operations such as sorting, filtering and grouping etc. The field property of the columns is necessary to map the data source values in Grid columns.

syncfusion grid date

The columns are automatically generated when columns declaration is empty or undefined while initializing the grid.

All the columns in the dataSource are bound as grid columns. When columns are auto-generated, the column type will be determined from the first record of the dataSource. Primary key can be defined in the declaration of column object of the grid. For these auto generated columns, you can set isPrimaryKey column property as true by any one of the following two ways.

You can set column options such as formatwidth to the auto generated columns by using dataBound event of the grid. In the below example, width is set for OrderID column, date type is set for OrderDate column and numeric type is set for Freight column. You can achieve complex data binding in the grid by using the dot.

For OData and ODataV4 adaptors, you need to add expand query to the query property of Gridto eager load the complex data. Foreign key column can be enabled by using column. In the following example, Employee Name is a foreign column which shows FirstName column from foreign data. You can customize the header element by using the headerTemplate property. By default, column header title is displayed from column field value. To override the default header title, you have to define the headerText value.

To format cell values based on specific culture, use the columns. The grid uses Internalization library to format number and date values. By default, the number and date values are formatted in en-US locale. You can localize the currency and date in different locale as explained here. Please refer to the link to know more about Number formatting. For built-in date format you can specify columns. Please refer to the link to know more about Date formatting. You can also use custom format string to format the date values.

Some of the custom formats and the formatted date values are given in the below table.

ASP.NET MVC Grid with advanced data handling

You can hide any particular column in Grid before rendering by defining visible property as false. In the below sample ShipCity column is defined as visible false.

You can autofit a specific column at initial rendering by invoking the autoFitColumns method in dataBound event. To use the autoFitColumns method, inject the Resize module in the grid.

You can autofit all the columns by invoking the autoFitColumns method without column names. Reordering can be done by drag and drop of a particular column header from one index to another index within the grid. To enable reordering, set the allowReordering to true.

To use reordering, inject the Reorder module in the grid.This section explains the steps to create a simple Grid and demonstrates the basic usage of the grid component using the Essential JS 2 quickstart seed repository.

This seed repository is pre-configured with the Essential JS 2 package. Clone the Essential JS 2 quickstart application project from GitHuband install the necessary npm packages using the following command line scripts. Syncfusion Grid packages have to be mapped in the system. You can start adding Essential JS 2 grid component to the application. To get started, add the grid component in app. Now, add an HTML div element to act as the grid element in index.

To create grids with additional features, inject the required modules. The paging feature enables users to view the grid record in a paged view. It can be enabled by setting the allowPaging property to true. Inject the Page module as follows. If the Page module is not injected, the pager will not be rendered in the grid. Pager can be customized using the pageSettings property. The sorting feature enables you to order the records.

It can be enabled by setting the allowSorting property as true. Inject the Sort module as follows. If Sort module is not injected, you cannot sort when a header is clicked. Sorting feature can be customized using the sortSettings property. The filtering feature enables you to view reduced amount of records based on filter criteria. It can be enabled by setting the allowFiltering property as true. The Filter module has to be injected as follows.

If Filter module is not injected, filter bar will not be rendered in the grid. Filtering feature can be customized using the filterSettings property.

WPF DataGrid : A high performance grid control

The grouping feature enables users to view the grid record in a grouped view. It can be enabled by setting the allowGrouping property to true. The Group module has to be injected as follows. If Group module is not injected, the group drop area will not be rendered in the grid.

Data Annotation

Grouping feature can be customized using the groupSettings property. The quickstart project is configured to compile and run the application in the browser. Use the following command to run the application. Getting started with JavaScript Grid control This section explains the steps to create a simple Grid and demonstrates the basic usage of the grid component using the Essential JS 2 quickstart seed repository. Dependencies Following is the list of minimum dependencies required to use the grid.

Is this page helpful? All Rights Reserved. Please provide additional information. Thank you for your feedback and comments.Data Annotations help us to define the rules to the model classes or properties for data validation and displaying suitable messages to end users. You can enable Data Annotation by binding the corresponding Class to Grid helper and thus data annotations attributes will be mapped to the corresponding Grid Column property.

Grid Properties has more priority than Data Annotation.

syncfusion grid date

Take a look at our next generation Bold Reporting Tools. Learn more. Demo Support Forum Download '. Syncfusion jQuery based widgets are no longer in active development.

Try Essential JS 2. Data Annotation Data Annotations help us to define the rules to the model classes or properties for data validation and displaying suitable messages to end users. Please find the following list of annotation attributes that are supported in Grid Control.

DatabaseGenerated DatabaseGeneratedOption. Custom DataType. Date DataType. DateTime DataType. EmailAddress DataType. ImageUrl DataType. The following code example shows how data annotation works in Grid Control. Datasource Model. AddTool ToolBarItems. Add ; items. Edit ; items.

Delete ; items. Update ; items. Was this page helpful? Yes No. Thank you for your feedback and comments. We will rectify this as soon as possible! Help us improve this page Correct inaccurate or outdated content Please provide additional information. Url Custom DataType.This post will be permanently deleted.

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