Idle heroes is a game developed for Android and iOS. The game can be downloaded from the respective app stores of the users. It is a role playing game that combines all elements of fun and entertainment. As a player, you must gather heroes and form a group of heroes. Throughout the game, you have to collect and equip items. You have to train them to become powerful characters. It's about being inactive with role-playing elements in inactive games that involve some team fights, PVPs and many campaigns.

But what distinguishes Idle Heroes? You can play tons of games on your phone during your free time. Idle Heroes doesn't focus on your ability to fight bosses. Most fights take care of themselves. Furthermore, your progress is greatly achieved while you are not even in the game. For eight hours after your disconnection, your heroes will continue to progress, which will make it easier to reach this elite level.

If you can't stand the same battles a million times, just to go to the next level, Idle Heroes won't waste your time. Instead, Idle Heroes puts you in the place of a hero team leader. Your main task will be to find the right heroes, take them to the right levels, spend your gold and gems carefully and choose the right ways to progress. Once you start a campaign, you can sit like a proud father and watch your heroes fight after the battle.

idle heroes skerei team

You can admire the beautiful armor you purchased or the new hero you presented to his team. Unlike many mobile games that offer basic premises and simply try to change dynamicsIdle Heroes sends you a lot, even in the beginning. You have campaigns, guilds, raids, a market, dungeons, an invocation circle, a tree of prophets, an arena, a tavern, etc. You also have items, gold, gems, spirit, heroes, auras, casinos, events, equipment and more to master. The more leftovers in the game, the more these elements and options are available.

At first it may seem a bit intimidating, but all these possibilities keep Idle Heroes fresh and new, whether you play your first hour or your thousandth. You can train your heroes during your absence.Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it! His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day. This Idle Heroes guide breaks down a few key ideas that you must consider when building your team of Idle Heroes.

There are many aspects to consider that may not be obvious or commonly known, so review each of the points below to make sure that your team is the best it can be.

Top 10 Best Idle Heroes Review List 2020

This Idle Heroes guide covers heroes selection, team composition building, class and faction considerations and more! The first point that this Idle Heroes guide considers is how to compare heroes against each other.

Of course when you are building the best team you will want the best heroes in the game. The most obvious way of doing this is to consider the star rating, but this only gets us so far. Beyond this there is a definite difference between the same star ratings. For example, there are many 5-star assassin heroes in the game. Not all of them are equal and some have unique powers that are more useful than others.

You can research this yourself pretty easily in the heroes summary. Identify their maximum possible stats and their unique powers that are unlocked. The stats HP, armour, speed etc are very important, so this is an easy way to compare two heroes.

A great example of the special abilities is Faceless. She is an assassin hero that targets the lowest health enemy with her normal attacks. This is great for getting rid of the back line enemy heroes that are throwing loads of damage at you. This is great if you have many other heroes targeting the back line but not so good if most of your team is attacking the front line.

MOST IMPORTANT IDLE HEROES GUIDE - Biggest Beginner's Mistakes SLOWING Progress Beginner's Guide #2

Therefore you have to consider whether this ability is right for you. If you are new to the game or simply don't want to research it yourself in game; a quick check is to look at published tier lists online.

A simple Google of "Idle Heroes Tier List" will show many results and opinions from their authors on the relative strength of a hero. There are many tier lists to help you decide which heroes you should be putting your time into, so don't take the word of the first list you read. You should also consider whether you want you team to be good at PvP player versus player or PvE player vs environment.

If you want to focus on playing against other players there are heroes that are proficient at this, whilst others are better at beating AI teams on the campaign.

idle heroes skerei team

Most of the above points required you to progress through the game to unlock more heroes and upgrade them. For further information on how to progress through the campaign as quickly as possible and to ultimately build your team of heroes, please see the link below:. The second consideration of this Idle Heroes Guide is your team composition, in terms of classes warrior, priest etc.

It is advisable to have at least one warrior to tank most of the damage. Aside from this there really aren't any rules that you need to stick to. A good rule of thumb is that you want to diversify as much as possible and introduce all of the classes into your team.

This ensures that you have a good mix of damage options single target, AOE, backline etc and are not going to suffer too much weakness from lack of variety. Note that as you progress through the game, it is often advantageous not to diversify the classes too much as the guild buffs will become more influential. Once you have some progress into the game and start to build up guild coins, you are best off selecting a classes to specialise with so that you can put the most points into that class upgrades through your guild.

Monsters, which become available after level 70, are hugely important to your team.Guys, If you want information for ranking of all the heroes, the content below should be very helpful to you. Just keep in mind that this is an overall general idea. Usually not everyone agrees on a tier lists. Idle Heroes combines strategic RPG elements with a sort of idle progression that you can play for short bursts or up to 30 minutes at a time.

Idle Heroes is a role-playing game created by DHGames. Nowadays, mobile phone games require very little input from its players, and the Idle Heroes game is no exception. From the moment you download and start playing, the heroes work tirelessly and train even when you close the app to do other things.

The tediousness of the grind is taken away, which leaves you with fun, strategic thinking and satisfying combat action. Heroes are the meat and potatoes in the game. You get to choose between more than heroes, each with their own skills, factions and tiers. These heroes are naturally acquired over the course of the game, i.

Idle Heroes gives you a ton of things to do, from dungeon raids to battlegrounds, quests, arena and mysterious towers. Idle Heroes offers a Worldwide Arena and Guild Wars for total domination,glory and top-tier items and prizes! Currently, the Android game has more than 10 million installs and is ranked high up on the Role Playing Game category.

The somber tones of the Shadow and Dark Heroes contrast with the shining auras and halos of the Light ones, making it easy to tell at a glance which one is which. The heroes themselves are cartooned versions, which hold a certain appeal to the younger crowd.

There are no chunky pixel or lines that are out of place in Idle Heroes. The main interface where you go on a Campaign, fight in the Arena or view your Heroes is streamlined and designed for intuitive mobile screen navigation. Hero representation deserves a special praise here. The higher-tier ones are much more impressive-looking than the lower tier ones, and they get more intimidating and awesome as you level them up and equip them with stronger gear.

In other words, if you want to gain an advantage over other free players, you can spend real cash to get the higher tier heroes and equipment. The idle system works very well in Idle Heroes. The game basically plays itself with little to no output from you. The animations are fun to watch, as is the visceral experience of pounding your opponents to a pulp.

Do you often turn the volume down low when playing games? As soon as you launch the app, Idle Heroes opens up with a majestic fanfare.Idle Heroes is a game about luck and about understanding how to work with what you get to defeat your opponents. This is what this guide is about, making the best use of what you have to win battles.

Finding the ways to combine the heroes you are given and creating the most effective composition is essential if you want to be successful. First off, top tier heroes are top tier for a reason. Think of synergy as a way to maximize what you have, not as a complete replacement of what is considered meta.

Secondly, this guide is my own personal thoughts and is based on the last patch I updated it for. If you think that something was missed, needs further explanation, is incorrect, or is out of date, just leave a comment and let me know. I would highly recommend reading this because the majority of the guide is still relevant even though the information is many patches out of date.

Some heroes are fine on their own, and some benefit from being with other heroes to maximize their potential. Many of these are partly based on the hero synergies, but it also includes hero types and roles that work well together.

When reading the slot positions, slot 1 is the slot at the bottom of your screen and closest to the enemy team. Slot 2 is the slot above it, and slots are the backline from bottom to top. General Composition Other than your slots, you also want to understand what a basic team needs.

Typically a team will want to follow these guidelines unless you are running some sort of synergy or cheese strategy that requires you to deviate. When looking at these numbers, remember that one hero can serve two or more roles. This is what makes heroes like Michelle so strong, they can fit into multiple roles and thus are very flexible when building your team. However, you can choose to go with no aura if it means you can use stronger heroes or more synergistic heroes.

Now, back to our main programming for today! All example teams provided are solely for demonstration of a concept; they may not be fully meta.

You want your heroes to be as tanky as possible, and to have heroes who can heal up your team. You want to simply take all the CC the enemy team gives out, live through it, then slowly grind their team into dust.

Typically you want one strong tank in slot 1 that simply will never die. Next, you want healers in slots 2 and slot if you have multiples. While this team might not win many offensive matches, defensively it will sustain through a lot and come out relatively unscathed. Assassin Teams Assassin teams are based on using a bunch of heroes who target the weakest hero and systematically wipe them out.

These are pure damage compositions that are designed to cripple an enemy team before they can beat your assassins. Death Cheese Teams Cheese teams are designed to have the majority of your team die, and then have one extremely strong hero who can wipe out the entire opposing team. You want your carry hero to be a high level, and your weak heroes to be a low level so they can quickly die. Carry heroes should benefit from heroes dying, or otherwise be able to sustain themselves and deal enough area of effect damage to wipe the enemy team.

Filler heroes should give some sort of bonus for taking damage or dying. Typically, you want these heroes to be six star or nine star so they get the full benefits of their passives.Each of the heroes in Idle Heroes has its importance. As such, it may be difficult to determine which of them is the best. Once upgraded, a particular hero can become the best in its faction and in its specific category of function. In this idle heroes review, we will take a look at some of the best idle heroes and why we think each hero stands out to merit this list.

In addition, this best idle heroes review takes a closer look in terms of the specific faction each of the heroes belong to. The information provided here will make it very easy for you to make your pick among the available heroes in each of the factions or tiers when building your team. You must bear in mind that you will need only 6 heroes to build your team in this game. You must, therefore, pick very carefully so that you can make the most of the game each time you play.

A careful choice of each hero in your team ensures that you can win battles, either when you fight alone or when you join other teams in a raid to fight a particular battle. Continue reading to learn about the best 10 heroes in this game.

PvE Tier List for End Game Content

Blood Blade is a top hero among other Idle Heroes and it belongs to the shadow group. This hero is a reliable assassin and it is among the most popular heroes. It can be acquired via Awaken. Adding it to your team can make a lot of difference. There are some other Shadow Heroes available, but Blood blade stands out as the best idle heroes among them; its place of importance overshadows those of Aidan, Dominator, and Kharma; Aidan is a mage, Dominator is a warrior, while Kharma is a Priest.

Walter is yet another very important hero and it is among the best idle heroes available. Sigmund also stands out among the other heroes. It is a warrior belonging to the Fortress Heroes faction and it is reliable enough to boost the strength and performance of your team, either as a member of a raid or when you have to fight your battles alone.

Sigmund has upper hands over other heroes in the Fortress faction, like Flame Strike, which is a mage; or Ormus, which is a Priest. This is yet another very powerful hero and it is undoubtedly one of the best idle heroes you can ever find in this game. Since Iceblink and Sigmund do not have the same function as Walter and Blood Blade, the two cannot be interchanged when selecting the heroes for your team.

Barea is a warrior with a difference and it is undoubtedly one of the best idle heroes available. Barea belongs to the Abyss faction of Idle Heroes. These other ones are also good, but their performances at battles are never up to that of Barea.This game is not about fighting against the bosses but most often they are protected in the game while playing. Moreover, your presence is not necessary. You just have to select your hero to fight for you and it remains active for eight hours after your disconnection.

In this way, you can easily reach the elite level. Idle Heroes is for those who do not like role-playing games. Moreover, it has a unique feature of going to the next level when you do not want to stand by the same battlefield for a million times. Idle Hero is also best as it puts you as the leader of the team. In this marvellous game, you need to choose your hero and then put them to the next level By spending your gold and gems wisely to guide it towards the progress.

After that, you can sit and enjoy the battle which is fought by your heroes. You just need to watch your heroes during the campaign. The complexity of the Idle Heroes is outstanding and you can admire the beautiful heroes of your team.

In addition to this, Idle Heroes offers a lot of new features for you, unlike all other games. You can avail of the market, raids, guilds, campaigns, a tree of prophets, an arena, an invocation circle, and tavern. The other items present in idle Heroes are equipment, gems, gold, spirit, events, heroes, and casinos. The options are available at a higher frequency when you have more leftovers. At the start, you can find it as intimidation but the provision of all these features makes it updated and new.

Idle Heroes Tier List The Idle Heroes Tier List contains all conspicuous information about the best heroes of the game for you, which will help you to arrange a perfect and strong team to beat your competitors.

idle heroes skerei team

These two Lists change every month according to game mates and balance. The Idle Hero Tier List carries only a few artefacts right now. It will give you key points to better understand the game and easily build your team.

The given Idle Heroes Tier contains detailed information about all the best heroes to build a team for your game. If you cannot find a hero in the given list it means that the desired hero is not worth 2. If a ranking is higher than another it does not mean it will always best. Essential to maximize your damage output. Deals additional damage when allies use their acting skills.

idle heroes skerei team

Best way to add healing to a team whilst also providing a boost. Crits deal bonus damage to all enemies. Can protect herself from C and reflect back damage. Horus provides the best single unit damage to any hero.

Sigmund also removes enemy armour, thus increasing overall damage. Damages enemies for using active skills.Hello everyone. So I have a problem about what hero I should focus on next. I resently regressed Valk and leveled my Horus to E5 dont regret it and i kept the copies of Valk. Im purely interested in PVE. Now I have a few options open considering my team progression.

Thanks in advance for reading and helping people have a nice weekend :. Can someone explain to me what the CDKEY is for the exchange gifts and where do you find the redeem code? Apparently, at such a level, he doesn't even manage to rate a single point though admittedly, he does rate 3-points at level 5-Stars and 3-points again at level 6-Stars-toStars. Anyway, I've got a 6-Star sleepless and an 8-Star Dark Arthindol, but I wanted to be absolutely certain before 'eating' sleepless that he is indeed worthless.

So if you're certain, please let me know. In case you still don't know how to play Idle Heroes on your PC yet, check out this article for more details. More: idleheroes. So I was going through my bag and I have just under music boxes. Now I know this event was back in April I believe.

I was wondering if this event will come back around or should I sell this for over 33 million? Could someone actually explain the different effects of the various crown control skills that some of the heroes have please? I thought as a community we should start deciding some Layout guidelines and file and article naming conventions to assist everyone when it comes to contributing to this wiki.

So im asking for some ideas on article layouts and naming conventions we can put down as a guideline for all editors. I have a 7 star Dragon Slayer and a 6 star Groo. Should I keep Dragon Slayer and keep feeding him? Or should I put all my effort into making Groo my main warrior? Please help and please explain why. IdleHeroes Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I am just asking is this wiki abandoned or dead? Vote 0 Votes in Poll. Line up help pls i need a good line up for rlly everythin haha.

Alternatively, if there is a link for this or a pictograph, do let know. Events Heroes Beginner Tips.