Hi Chris, I have a audi a4 2. The problem that I am experiencing is engine surging. The surging is bad when the engine is cold and not at optimum running temperature. The rpm fluctuates up and down and I do feel vibrations as it does that. When warm it's not as bad but it still does it whenever I'm driving and the surging only happens when I'm driving. It feels like the car is being held back and I have no codes or stored codes on the vehicle.

Could you possibly shed some light on what it might be? Would the throttle position driving ensure cause something like that which is the pedal sensor and not throw a code? I have cleaned the MAF with no luck and it looked pretty new when I pulled it out but cleaned it anyway. Throttle body is new as well. Hi there. Remove the vacuum line to the valve and see if the engine runs smooth.

If the engine runs smooth, then the IAC needs to be replaced. If the IAC is working properly, then the throttle pedal position sensor is not calibrated properly and needs either calibrated or replaced. To calibrate the throttle pedal position sensor, turn on the key with the engine off and push the gas pedal to the floor slowly. Hold the pedal on the floor and turn off the key. Then while holding the gas pedal on the floor, turn on the key and release the gas pedal slowly to the rest position.

Then turn off the key. Now the throttle pedal position sensor is calibrated to the correct counts that it should have. If you need further assistance with your engine surgingthen seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you. Q: Engine surging while driving asked by Brandon M. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Marvin Sunderland Automotive Mechanic.

Thank Marvin. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Code P by Nicholas S. Catalytic converter deleted and replaced with a resonator legal in wv by Drew A.I have my Ford Explorer for less than 4 year with only miles and the transmission started to go bad, it was not shifting smooth it got to a point that it would not go no more because it would not shift and I took it to the Ford dealer in Manheim and is been there for almost 6 weeks and they have not been able to find a problem it is really ridiculous I am tired dealing with this and for sure I am not buying another Ford ever and I will NOT recommend Ford to anyone on my family and friends.

I have had my Explorer in the dealership where I purchased it several times for them to look and talk to me like I have two heads.

If it does not throw a code, there is no issue. The rep who sold me my Gold Plan Extended Warranty told me it was normal for my car to have a thumping noise, rpm fluctuation and the odd transmission issue.

This happens every day and I know one day I will be left sitting on the side of the road. When driving at or around mph has done this at other speeds my Explorer will start with some sort of slipping or hesitation.

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While this is going on sometimes I have a rattle. I always have rpm changes normally from 1 to 2 sometimes up to 3. This has been going on for nearly a year with no help from our dealership. I have decided to take it to a new dealership for a second opinion. This is our fourth Explorer and the one only one we have had issues with. The paint is starting to bubble on the hatch, paint is chipping we have rust starting on the door hinges and with this what ever issue.

This may be my last Explorer! Local dealer treated me right. Of course, there was a rental vehicle covered by my new vehicle warranty, a new F 4x4. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Ask your Ford dealer. Most Common Solutions: not sure 2 reports repair pto 1 reports Get free help with your lemon! Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Helpful websites No one has added a helpful site for this Explorer problem yet.

Be the first! Find a good Ford mechanic Read reviews of repair shops in your area. Enter your zip code: A free service from CarTalk. Send Comment Add Complaint. Search CarComplaints. Not what you are looking for?This issue is constant when I'm driving on the highway at appx mpg, release the gas, let the RPM idle down to about 1. I notice the RPM then starts to pulse up and down. Up to about 2 RPM for about 1 second, and back down for another second.

Top 5 Problems Ford Explorer SUV 5th Generation 2011-2019

This will continue until I press the gas harder to speed up, or slow down. I've taken it to Ford for a diagnose it but recommended me not to attempt this because they could not replicate the issue nor did it give out a check engine light for a code.

I have attempted this twice. Finally, I recorded a video and took it to a different Ford location and they were able to replicate it. The engine department could not find an issue after diagnosis, so now it is awaiting for the transmission department to review it. They mentioned it "could" be a throttle body issue, or a control valve issue, which seems to be that it should be done in the engine dept.

I am now awaiting to see what the service dept will come up with. I'll update this with the results. Update from Sep 10, : Update: Finally, after a 3 month wait due to covid, the issue was fixed. The dealership found that the issue had to do with the torque converter and the valve body control. Luckily they were covered by the warranty.

Car seems to accelerate when going normal speed. Car revs up and rpm's excel when going a constant speed. Happens on highway or street driving.

If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Ask your Ford dealer. Most Common Solutions: not sure 1 reports torque converter and valve body control replacement 1 reports Get free help with your lemon! Find something helpful? Spread the word.

Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Helpful websites No one has added a helpful site for this Explorer problem yet.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a Ford Explorer that hasn't been idling well lately. It normally idles around or rpms, but lately it will slow down to orthen burst up to and repeat the process again.

Rattling, Thumping

It doesn't do this all the time, maybe only half-time. Occasionally the rpms get so low that the engine dies, but that only seems to happen when I'm turning AND braking at the same time. I don't have any idea what's causing it, and I really haven't even pinned down a common variable for when it happens. It seems to have started with the cold weather, but even then I couldn't tell you for sure. It might be the intermittent failure of an idle speed solenoid. They go by a bazillion different names and have just as many variations.

For example:. It may also be, as noted in your comments, an air leak somewhere. Seeing as how it works fine above a certain RPM, I'd be willing to bet it's an idle speed solenoid of some type. Typically air leaks result in poor mileage.

Check for vacuum hoses that are torn, disconnected, or missing. You brake system relies on vacuum and an idle speed that is affected by holding the brakes probably has a weak vacuum. You can get a cheap gauge at an auto part place that will quickly tell you if you are in spec.

Idle air control. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.Below are a few explanations as to what might be the issue and cause for that fluctuation. In older cars, your spark plugs might just need replacing.

Things like your plugs, distributor cap and more are all small factors that can contribute to making a big difference down the line. While you might not be able to diagnose this yourself, louder leaks are sometimes more easily noticed and can be heard by almost anyone. If your fluctuation in idle is also happening with rough engine idles, shaking or any other unexpected issues, it might be worth taking your car to a shop to have it properly diagnosed.

The last thing you need is a major issue that strands you on the side of the road, or leaves you with a hefty bill. Keep this in mind for anything you see or feel out of the ordinary. To learn more about how we can help your vehicle stay in its best shape, please give us a call at For more tips and tricks, make sure to like us on Facebook! Spark Plugs In older cars, your spark plugs might just need replacing.

Major Engine Issues If your fluctuation in idle is also happening with rough engine idles, shaking or any other unexpected issues, it might be worth taking your car to a shop to have it properly diagnosed.The Ford Explorer and the Mercury Mountaineer were both updated for the model year on a new frame, produced by Magna International rather than Tower Automotive. Samantha samiam While I am driving the RPM will fluctuate and the truck will do a weird shimmy.

It happens between around 40mphish mph and again between mph. I do have a check engine light on.

Surging While Driving

Last time I got it read it was for gas cap and EGR valve. Had the same problem with our heavy motorhome. Found the problem was the old fuel pump had lost pressure. Worked fine a low speeds, but would fluctuate when you gave it pedal. The shimmy? Is it 'full-time-4WD'? That may induce the shimmy by the front wheels. It requires a ton of horsepower for the rear wheels to cause a shimmy.

Don't go 80 until this problem is fixed! Is your check engine light flashing or on solid? If its flashing that's a sign that it's misfiring and you probably need new plugs and possibly coils.

If it is on solid and not flashing I would get the codes read and see what it is saying and could be many different things. Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. Samantha samiam Rep: 1. What else could it be? Would completely replacing the EGR fix this issue? Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 0. Was this answer helpful? Add your answer Samantha will be eternally grateful.

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